When I Drove to Santa Cruz

I drove to Santa Cruz,
a hundred miles in the pouring rain,
to see her. It was the first time
since August, when she gave me
a blowjob under a full moon.

I knew there would be no sex
this time, since she made it clear
that she was not my girlfriend,
but I still needed to be with her.

She took me in her silver Kia,
to the boardwalk. Despite
the ashen sky and Scotch mist
hanging above the saturated sand,
we watched the waves
from the warmth of her car.

For a moment, we breathed in
silence. I rubbed my thumb
over the back of her hand
as if something was there
written in braille. It was not
the word love.

© Josslyn Turner

This poem also appears in the 2018 issue of Penumbra Art & Literary Journal.

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